Created By Nature. Bottled By Us:

ECO Bio Bottle

The TÊR Natural Spring Water Eco Bottle is a blend of a natural organic additive and PET. This will allow bacteria found in landfills, oceans and other environments to consume our bottles naturally. We are always working and changing materials we use to take steps forward in food safety and sustainability.

100% Natural Spring Water

Our water comes from a deep underground aquifer located high up in the Catskill Mountains of Upstate New York. As this water rushes to the surface it is harvested and bottled. Our water is premium in quality and taste.
100% Natural 100% Local.

Balanced By Mother Nature

Our water has a perfectly balanced neutral pH level of 7.1. This pH balance is a natural occurrence of our spring. It shows the pristine natural filtering qualities it possesses.

Where To Buy?

TÊR Natural spring water is available in fine health food stores, restaurants and retailers. You can also get direct delivery from us.

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